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Epic Kreoss!!!

Todays Roll:
3+.....Remember those Warriors of chaos and how hard to kill they used to be? With the introduction of the parry save(6+ ward, in combat only) and the removal of the 1+ to your armour in combat, Chaos warriors have moved from a 2+ to a 3+ armour save. Now looking at the math this would seem to matter little because they are almost more durable having a 3+armour and 6+ward which you almost always have(except against stomps). They are basically the same as before, but I would argue that they are less durable now.....But wait didn't I just say they are more and less the same? The drop in armour means the unit is suddenly suffering more damage to str 4 making the save drop to 4+, alot worse then 3+. Many Warriors of Chaos players have taken other weapons choices because of the edition change, halberds and great weapons being the most popular. This has also droped their standard save down to a common 4+. So as you can see a big difference compared to the 2+ from last edition.

Grand Exemplar Kreoss:


Having a Grand O'l Time!
Its been a while since I've written about warmachine, but there has been limited time to have a game with assignments and exams, but for the few games that I have played its been great to play Epic Kreoss. The epic version of the Exemplar lord plays very different when compared to his prime version(will get a battle or two with him), funny enough he plays very similar to the Testament of Menoth and Vindictious? While the ToM relys on winning through attrition, by bringing guys back to life; Vindictiou's focus is capturing control zones and holding them for several turns. Kreoss achieves the same goal by buffing his troop type(exemplars) and having them clear the zones. The best part about this caster is that he forces your opponent to deal with his army, which is powerful and hard to remove once its in place.

Thoughts on Epic Kreoss
 Where to begin, well for starters compared to his prime version Kreoss is a bit tougher and has 6 warjack points instead of 5. I found this strange since he isn't really a warjack warcaster(But still has 7 focus), because he has no spells that really buff his warjacks. His main focus is on supporting his troops and forcing his opponents out of zones. Not all infantry are necessarly useful to Kreoss though, because he buff exemplar units the most(Knights, Errants, Bastions, Cinerators, Seneschals, etc) Kreoss along with his fellow Exemplars gain the Aegis ability making them immune to continuous effects. Also when a friendly model dies within his Cmd range, he gains a damage box back. If that wasn't enough Kreoss has 2 different reach special attacks he can use: Armour Piercing, and Smite, nothing like choosing between a killing blow against warjacks and a free slam attack.

Castigate (2)
Chasten (2)
Cleansing Fire (3)
Inviolable Resolve (2)
Sacrosanct (2)

As you can see most of his spells have a low casting value and heck 2 of them are upkeep spells. Castigate allows you to turn off the Arc node abilities of enemy warjacks within your Cntl area. Chasten is an offensive spell that can remove enemy upkeeps and animus if it damages the target. Cleansing Fire is a pretty decent AoE spell that is pow 14, on a critical hit it cause fire damage as well. Inviolable Resolve is a confusing spell, because while on one hand it grants 2+ arm, it also grants fearless...and this is strange since all exemplar are already fearless. Finally the last spell Sacrosanct is probably the most important spell, since it causes your opponent's troops to be knocked down if they kill a trooper or model with this on them.

The most important thing to understand about Epic Kreoss is his feat, because it influnces his battle plans greatly. It allows an additional melee attack with all friendly models in his Cntl area and all your melee attacks autohit.....! With elite troops that have weaponmaster and are fearless, this feat is one of the most powerful in the game. When used right this feat can smash just about anything in its way and should be considered, when using or facing off against good old Kreoss.

What does his army look like?
Theres alot of potential for variety within this army for types of warjacks you can use. While he may not have any warjack specific spells or abilities, he does have an above average focus of 7, meaning he can handle more focus heavy warjacks like the Redeemer and Templar. As far as troops go he can take any kind and be alright, but exemplars do benefit in this army so expect to include at least a couple. Heres the list I'm currently using at 25pts....
Epic Kreoss 6+
Vanquisher 2pts
Repenter 4pts
Choir min 2pts
Vassal of Menoth 2pts
Exemplar Errants min 5pts
UA 2pts
Exemplar Bastions max 8pts

The vanquisher is a great troop clearing warjack and combined with the vassal can allow it to get into position quicker and pop some extra shots off. The repenter is a cheap speed bump for my opponents to run into so that my stronger melee units can counter charge, plus having a flame thrower helps too :) The Choir buffs boths warjacks to great effect, and the bastions advance onto the objective to clear it out. The Exemplar errants are a solid troop choice since they have advance deployment, a ranged attack, fearless and are weaponmasters....nice. The Ua adds to the fun by allowing the unit to get a free ranged attack off after they kill a model in melee. The unit gains pathfinder allowing the unit to get into position and lastly it can't be the target of enemy spells. Not bad for 2pts.

Well thats all I got for tonight, Till next Time.

Adam Tremblay...

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