Friday, July 15, 2011

Did you Know about: Jaded Gamercast?


A month or two ago I mentioned this podcast in one of my old blog posts and I've decided to elaborate more on the Podcast and what they've been up to over thepast few months. During this review I will be looking at their very first and most recent episodes .Now Jaded Gamercast is interesting to me because in a way they respent a sort of local podcast, although they live 5 hours away in another city.

Bias aside, heres my review of Jaded Gamercast!

The Show's Layout
-The Show lasts only for an hour, and is updated almost every week
-Hailing from the country of CountryStan former GW Staffers, Nathan and Lange, start off each episode explaining what they're drinking that episode and, OH man it gets real funny halfway through each episode.
-They explore many different topics involving Warhammer Fantasy, 40k, community(Global included), GW related rants, and criticisms about the ETC format. (NOTE: "All of These topics are just vocal opinions, and should be treated as such").
-Theres a Higher Learning segiment that explores a particular aspect of the chosen hobby, usually in the form of an army review, A-Z.
-The main bulk of the show is a combination of random Jaded Gamerness and drinking humour, so let the hilarity ensue!
-The end of the show is the Stupidity check, where both Nathan and Lange discuse one particular um.....Stupid moment that week that caught their attention.

First Episode

Their first episode to say the least was very bold and unique, because they tackle a very difficult topic, the 1st draft of the Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition ETC restrictions. While a majority of people were satisfied with the ETC and its team based comp system, Jaded Gamercast explored the limitations of these early restrictions on Warhammer 8th edition. Now I understand and know what the ETC represents for Wargamers and I found it rather strangely refreshing to hear the other side for a change, because like they mention in the podcast, very few other podcasts(to my knowledge at least) explore this particular side of the ETC. Now if you decide to listen to this particular episode, take note that by watching this episode you will be listening in hindsight, because since then there have been several other episodes detailing future changes of the ETC draft restrictions.

Most Recent Episode
After listenting to all their episodes up to this point I've found that, out of all the episodes this one was probably the most tame, in terms of subject manner and discusion topics. Mind you its a mailbag episode, so the topics are restricted to the letters contents. This episode addressed several topics like: "Using non-GW minis at Tournaments" and "Spirit of the Game vs Rules as Written". I found this episode fairly refreashing to listen to and it left me excited to see what other topics or guest speakers might show up in future episodes of the podcast.


The Jaded Gamercast podcast was built around the concept of community, fun and growth. Already only after 3 months they are at 16 episodes and the impact on the country of CountryStan, is uncalculatable! I wish them the Best of luck in the future and OH Nathan I have to agree Han Solo is pretty Badass!

Thats all for Now

Adam Tremblay

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