Friday, July 15, 2011

Did you Know about: Forward Kommander?

Todays Roll6+....Magic resistance has been dramtically changed from 7th edition warhammer fantasy. Instead of granting the unit 1-3 extra dispel dice against spells that specifically target the unit, it now provides a ward save against spells that target the unit. If you have no ward save already it gives your unit a simple 6+ ward, but where this ability really shines is on units that have a ward save already, making them very resilient against magic attacks. For example giving a unit of high elve phoenix guard magic resistance 2, makes them have a 2+(4+ ward) against spell damage. Not bad for some of those really nasty spells that go for large damage output. I'm still thinking about how to utilize this in my empire army, but I wondering if its even worth it? What are your thoughts? Is this something you'd incorp into your current armies or is it a real big waste in points?


Did you know About: Forward Kommander? Its a free army(COPY RIGHT)..... organizer, :) . Some friends of mine from Calgary, showed me this site and I have to say I'm really really impressed. Basically it works on a simple point and click basis that is very fluid and straight forward to use. You can pick your army list for any point game and ANY faction in Warmachine or Hordes. Now your asking: "Why would I need an army builder for warmachine? I can do simple math its common sense". Sure the math is easy, but thats exactly why forward commander is so nice, because I don't want to bother with the math, I want to see what my options are, what kinds of units will fit in my army build or what units can fit in my tier. The next part about Forward Kommander that is really cool is that they are constantly upgrading and reviewing armies and factions. Within a day of the release of the new Character warjacks the site was updated to include them into the program.

Overall I was generally pleased with Foward Kommander and it was nice to simply throw a list together and play against a friend on vassal. Check them out and see for yourself

A Reflection on the Past Year

Wow what a year it has been, it really has been a fantastic year! It started off with the 2010 winter olympics, which I wish I could have went to, but I did manage to hold one of the torchs that ran through my town (Not actually a runner though...). Then you have Andrew Galea creating RHQ and showcasing the social aspects of wargaming and I was like "I somehow have to get involved" so I started writing tournament reports mostly for the guys at the local gaming club to read, but pretty soon I was getting views and nods from others from around the globe. I became so engaged with writing that I started this blog and wasn't sure if I could find anything interesting to talk about, but somehow I've been able to continue it today.

I have really enjoyed reading some of the other blogs as well from: Steve Evans constant input on a wargaming knowledge of 30 years. I appericate finding out about more podcasts and I've got another one for you Steve it might be interesting. Also one can't forget Trent's amazing warmachine journey blog that has opened my eyes to some of the things that warmachine has to offer as a hobby, I've really enjoyed seeing what a fellow newer player like myself thinks about the game. On that note Andrew Galea's blog is just fantastic and it got myself really interested in actually talking about warmachine, thanks andrew! Now these are just a few of the many amazing blogs that are on RHQ, everything from Irish tournament players to skorne and many many more thanks to everyone for putting in the time and effort to write such amazing blogs.

So what does 2011 hold in store for RHQ and my future articles and blogs. Well with Andrew's fantastic effort in providing the new RHQ-TV to the site I can only hope that more video content from him and maybe others might become more available sometime in the future. This fall has been rather slow in terms of tournaments, but already next year there are so many tournaments going to hit the ground running in my region. I'm hoping to continue spreading the good word about RHQ and make more players aware of its existance, because the Canadian presence has not really been showcased yet, mostly because the larger tournament centers haven't jumped on board yet and hopefully during 2011 they can join up as well.

Anyways I'll be gone for the holidays so if you happen to comment while I'm gone I will read it when I get back and I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season.

Till next Time

Adam Tremblay

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