Friday, July 15, 2011

Adepticon Video Content

April Fools! Now thats out of the way time for some Adepticon!!! Out of all the wargaming conventions that occur throughout the year, Adepticon is special because it shows the best of the industry with weekend long tournaments for almost every game system, Painting competitions, miniature showcases and new independant game companies present their new products. Its very much the GDC (Game Developers Conference) of Miniature wargaming. There are a variety of painting, modelling, and terrain building classes that also take place during the convention as well. If that wasn't enough theres exclusive first looks and demos of new products from many gaming companies.

Heres the Adepticon Timeline for 2011

Strange enough, I didn't know about Adepticon, until 2 years ago and even weirder, in past there weren't that many videos about the event? However this year the video content is already starting to roll out with several videos already. Theres Blue Table Painting who have done the most Adepticon coverage that I could find in the past 2 years, but more independants have started to record their own video content.

I will be adding more videos to this list as the Weekend goes on

Heres a list of the current video content  that I could find on this year's show


Friday (Battle of Terra) (Cool Mini or Not Booth) Interviews and Walkin Around) (Interview with Dark Age Games)  (Warlord Games)  (Armour Cast Games)  (40k Tournament)  (40k Tournament Walk around)  (Mini Medic, Interview)  ( random interviews)  (Forge World Line Up)  (Friday Morning Walk Around, includes detailed look at the Battle for Terra)   (Forge World Interview)

Saturday  (Flames of War Tournament)  (Dice Head Games, ATC American Team Championship)
  (Interview with Beasts of War, BTP)  (Dice Head Games) (Walk About)  (Kings Of War)

Sunday  (Final Thoughts)

Other Videos:

Adam Tremblay

Till Next Time

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