Friday, July 15, 2011

Adepticon!!!! Here I come!!!!

Actually I won't be going..... :(    But with all the talk going on about Adepticon, and how big and exciting its going to be this year, it got me thinking(first time eh?) that in honor of this Monumental occasion. That each blogger on RHQ should write a blog post about one aspect of Adepticon that has them excited about their hobby. The Post can even be a joke article, that has little to do with adepticon at all. The guidelines are......there are no guidelines,(Insert COMEDY Here) I encourage everyone to participate and to make this year's Adepticon on RHQ the best one yet! If you decide not to write an article thats fine too, this merely a suggestion. So for all the unlucky folks that have to stay home ( Stops for a moment, crys inside) "WHY why can't I go.....damn school!" Lets make this week a week to remember!

For those of you who are wondering. "Umm you haven't posted your tournament report yet or the last of the picutres"? In fact I have already uploaded the article, despite it crashing several times last night and I'm just waiting for its approval. The last of the pictures will follow as well.

I will be writing my "Road to Adepticon" post sometime later in the week, hopefully giving me time to find something interesting to talk about. Oh and Andrew if you could (Not that you aren't already busy with other interviews) could you talk to Shawn from Blue Table painting while your there at Adepticon? Thanks again for all your hard work!

Till Next time.....this week in fact!

Adam Tremblay! :P

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