Thursday, July 14, 2011

About Myself, The Daily D6, War and More, and many other random things....blah blah, etc

Hello Everyone! For those of you who don't know my name( or haven't read the bottom) I'm Adam Tremblay, and for a while now I've reported on several RHQ events for my local gaming community. I have to say its been a real blast to report on the tournaments and competitions in my region, while at the same time building the wargaming communitity to where gamers from out of town and country are becoming interested in coming to our local events.

Aboot MyselfI'm just an average twenty year old college student, worker, and soon to be school teacher! I live in a place that has the Most extreme weather ever!(just read the Spring thaw event) we can have hot summers and cold winters that make it difficult to travel. Its all about being Canadian I guess..unless you live by the coast (shakes head) lol. I enjoy writing articles and hopefully can continue to improve.

I have been wargaming for a what seems like a very long time now, but not nearly as long as some of RHQ's veteran players. I have been wargaming since early 2003, before I could even pay for models. I remember having to wait till christmas before I could even increase or start an army. I started out playing Warhammer 40 000 because I really enjoyed anything involving High tech weapons, tanks and monstrous alien bugs! Over time though, I got annoyed with 4th edition's game mechanics, (which they fixed in 5th edition for the most part) but not before collecting and painting 2 full 1750pts armies...(Tau and Orks, in that order). I was around for the start of 5th edition and apocalypse, but felt it would take too much money and time to rework my armies to fit into the new 5th edition metagame, plus alot of my original gaming group had moved away, so picking up a new game was the logical choice. That game was Warhammer Fantasy! Ever since the end of 6th edition, through the worst of 7th edition and now the fragile hope of 8th edition, I've stayed true to my warhammer addiction, and have built 3 seperate 2000pt armies(Empire, Dark Elves, and Skaven) and started to become more competitive at my local gaming events, which were always small in size.

Since 2008 my friends and I started an online gaming group and facebook page High North Warhammer, to gather the community and contact other gaming groups from other nearby towns. We met other like minded people from: North Peace Wargamers, Squigs, and The Armouy, and have now created a travelling tournament scene that has already increased the tournament turnouts. The Daily D6
What is the Daily D6 you ask? Well it simply means that my blog posts will be as random as 6 sided dice and each article will have a number corresponding to the day its written. For example Monday is a 1 and saturday is a 6. Why not a 7? There are 7 days in a week you know? I think I'll take a break at least on one day thank you. With school, work and life getting in the way, it is very time consuming to write all the time.

War and More 

When I started writing my tournament articles for the local events at my hobby shop I wanted a name that: 1)Players from local events could find easily, 2) Sounded interesting, and 3) Had not already been taken. It comes from the idea of having the word "war" in everything.....Warhammer, warmachine, warlocks, warcasters, warjacks, wargaming, flames of war....etc. The "More" part is obviously a cheap rhyme lol.

Vassal and Warmachine
I have just completed building and painting my protectorate of menoth army! As you might have heard already, Warmachine is an AWESOME why aren't you playing? And if you are I will be on vassal every now and again to get some practice. My current username is Edam.T, because some other adam has taken my name....
Pics%20for%20blog.JPGTestamen of Menothprotectorate2.JPGKnights Exemplarprotectorate3.JPGGrand Exemplar Kreossprotectorate4.JPG Vice Scrutator Vindictious

Anyways its been great talking, but its getting very late and my grammar is starting to suffer, I don't want to make any more misteaks tonight.....DAMN.
Just kidding and catch you guys later,
Adam Tremblay.

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