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After Game Movies: Redcliff (Extended Edition)

Had a long day at work, spent enough time with the family, or just had your friends over. Well no sense in cleaning up, why not watch a movie instead?

Here's a movie that might tickle your fancy, this week on After Game Movies.........


Allow me to delve deeper into the majestic beauty of a film that is Red Cliff: Destiny Lies In The Wind............

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Re-Rolling 6's, July 30th 2011

It's time to make that game winning roll. You pray to the Dice Gods and to Lady Averages. You throw the dice FTW!~!~ And it's a SIX!~ Too bad though....... it's stuck on your lucky penny.


Rerolling the Schedule

Just another quick update. Turns out I have to spend a couple days moving stuff down to the University, which also happens to be in another town(ROADTRIP!~!~), so naturally this will slow down my ability to write articles this weekend. However Fear not! I have already written the Baddice Podcast Review, but I am currently waiting to listen to the most recent episode which was recorded yesterday. Once it is out in the public, expect the review ASAP.

So Heres What You Can Expect In A Few Days Time.......

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Weekend Round Up, July 26th 2011

Feeling tired and bored? Well pull up a chair and grab the nearest coffee, tea and/or beer (I don't judge :D) it's time for another....


This Week's Topic: One Week Later.....

Well I have to say that for being online for about a week, I have gotten quite alot of support from the Twitter, Facebook, and RHQ communities. After several days I had viewership jump up to amazingly fantastic levels, which always helps when you spend 2hrs after work(which ended at Midnight all last week) writing articles. So thanks again for everyone who decided to pop in for a look and hopefully I can keep this schedule up. In the mean time heres what you can expect to see in the next while on War and More........ 

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Tomb Kings Review: Characters


NOTE: Just a bit of a disclaimer, I will be looking at all the choices within the army book and by no means do I know or realize every combo/tactic that can be achieved with this army. The following is a "highly" opinionated review and by no means should be considered complete or the "Right Way" to build/collect/play the faction in question. Mistakes will be made so do not take everything written as complete fact. Useful/helpful User input is highly encouraged. Enjoy!! :D

My Preferred Choices:  (64)


If you haven't guessed already we are nearing the end of the Tomb Kings Review with only one more article left to do "Potential Army Lists". I won't be doing a review on special characters; the reason for this is that when you decide to build a list around SC's you really limit yourself to a certain build/playstyle and for most beginning players I recommend avoiding them. The reason for this is that they can be expensive to buy and are limited with regards to being used in tournaments(At least in local events)_therefore I have decided to provide a grounds up review to playing the army, not just one character. With that said, how do the Tomb Kings themselves fit into their own army?...........

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pts Are The Point



No matter what wargame system you play or try out, everyone of them to my knowledge uses a point based system that dictates how much of a given army can be fielded on the tabletop. Points allow for the game to be played at different levels of depth; depending on the game this will differ greatly. One aspect of the pts system is that it can become unbalanced or broken depending again on the game system. In Warhammer Fantasy it's generally considered that games above 3000pts tend to be unbalanced with regards to faction choices and the sheer amount of combinations that can be taken or abused.

As a direct result most games have an average pts limit that is used mostly for competitive play. For Warhammer this tends to be around the 2000-2500pts limits, but again depending on the area this maybe different. Other game systems like Warmachine/Hordes have scaled back their pts system to simplify list building and tighten tournament play. A typical tournament game size is usually at 50pts, however like other games this could be smaller or greater depending on the area. But how do these two game systems differ on a mechnical level? To what extent to are these systems similar and different?

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Weekend Round Up, July 19th, 2011

Feeling tired and bored? Well pull up a chair and grab the nearest coffee, tea and/or beer (I don't judge :D) it's time for another....


This Week's Topic: #hescookingsumthangup Thread from Twitter.

If your a regular reader or just reading this for the first time, I talk on Twitter a fair amount @ATT64 and for most of this week I have been letting out clues and small hints towards one of the largest projects that I have ever worked on. I have been using the tag #hescookingsumthangup  to chronicle my struggles trying to keep this project secret, but I should honestly just spit it out already. Ladies and Gentlemen let me present my week long labours finally coming to surface, first there was the Alpha and now we are at the Omega, allow me to introduce.........................................................

Monday, July 18, 2011

Tomb Kings Review: Rare Choices


NOTE: Just a bit of a disclaimer, I will be looking at all the choices within the army book and by no means do I know or realize every combo/tactic that can be achieved with this army. The following is a "highly" opinionated review and by no means should be considered complete or the "Right Way" to build/collect/play the faction in question. Mistakes will be made so do not take everything written as complete fact. Useful/helpful User input is highly encouraged. Enjoy!! :D

My Preferred Units:  (64)


Theres one aspect of the Tomb King Army Book, that seemed rather weird in my own opinion. While it's possible to find models for the Casket of Souls, Necrosphinx, and Screaming Skull Catapults. It's no longer possible to find a Necrolith Colossus(aka the old Bone Giant, can't imagine why they changed the name? :D haha ) or the newest entry the Hierotitan. My guess is that they are making new kits for them, probably a combo split kit. Until then we shall have to wait and see what future waves have in store. But what are my thoughts on the current rare choices in the TK book? For the most part I think that the rare section has been designed to complement your previous choices from the Special section so that you can make your list more dynamic and flexible. Lets take a deeper look into the ancient tome for a better understanding on what rare choices are viable within the TK book.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

War and More: SQUIGS Warmahordes Mar 2011

On the road again, this time off to Squigs for their 1st Warmahordes tournament of the year. Will this be a successful stepping stone for a great year using my menoth, or an ill fortunate trip down the stairs?

Finally the first warmachine/hordes tournament of the year is only 4 days away and I can hardly wait! I started playing warmachine around Feb 2010 last year, but our community has been slow going lately and the interest in tournaments has wanned, resulting in only 2 minor events(one even didn't become a tournament) during 2010. However this year the excitement and to some extent the ability to get the needed models, has increased and hopefully will be a more interesting warmachine/hordes year. .The tournament is a standard tournament using the new 2011 steamroller package, a 7 min turn limit and 25pts. Here are the 2 lists I will be bringing to this event.

Vice Scrutator Vindictus 6
Repenter 4ptsVanquisher 8ptsChoir of Menoth (Leader and 3 Grunts) 2ptsHoly Zealots (Leader and 9 Grunts) 6ptsHoly Zealot Monolith Bearer 2ptsKnights Exemplar (Leader and 5 Grunts) 5ptsKnight Exemplar Seneschal 3ptsVassal Mechanik 1ptHigh Executioner Servath Reznik 6
Repenter 4ptsRevenger 6ptsScourge of Heresy 9ptsHierophant 2ptsChoir of Menoth (Leader and 3 Grunts) 2ptsHoly Zealots (Leader and 9 Grunts) 6ptsHoly Zealot Monolith Bearer 2ptsThere has been alot of talk about the many different ways to choose lists for tournaments. My goals this tournament are to challenge myself, have fun and find out the limitations of my lists. Keeping this concept in my head while writing these lists I wanted to explore the extent of what I can actually pull off at 25pts, because to be quite frank it can be limiting for menoth, because this faction relys alot on solos and Ua's to buff and support the faction; at this points limit you just can't take everything you need. But at least my opponents will be in the same boat so not too much to worry about.

War and More: The Eternal Winter Waaagh!!

Saturday, February 5 · 9:30am - 5:00pm

Location@Wonderland Toy and Hobby

Created By

More InfoWhen: Feb 5th 2011
Points: 2500
3 games starting at 9:30 and continuing until we are finished.
Entry Fee: $20
...Lunch Included
Prizes for: Best general, Best Over all, Best army list, Best painted. Obviously Best army list and painting are subjective. :)

Players pack can be downloaded here:


9:30am - 10:00am Registration and setup

10:00am-12:15pm Game one

12:15pm-12:45pm Lunch / Display and vote for best painted

12:45pm-3:00pm Game two

3:15pm-5:30pm Game three

5:45pm Awards

6:00pm Store closes

Storm Da Fort

Just watched Scott Pilgrim vs the World...make sure to check it out (not saying this because I am canadian...^_^).

Anyways...joking aside heres the tournament run down.

*Pictures by Mike Sweetman.....*

Storm Da Fort

Hello Gamers…

I’m proud announce that the North Peace Wargamers will be running our first Warhammer Fantasy Tournament Saturday, September 18, 2010.  Please read over the following rules pack, and get your payment in right away!  If you have any questions please contact Mike Sweetman at:

Date: Saturday, November 6th

Entrance Fee:

Early Bird Entrance Fee: $10 via paypal, or pay Mike Sweetman at a club night in FSJ or at the Grande Prairie  Ard’ Boyz tournament.  After the 16th the price will be raised to $20. Please pay now!

War and More: Off to Orctoberfest

Hello again everyone! Orctoberfest was a complete blast and on top of it being a new edition tournament, I met some really great people and the road trip was by far, the best one in a long time.

The points value was 2500pts and the remaining details are within the links below

Tournament Package here
Scenarios that will be used here

So many rats, so little time

2 weeks before going to Orctoberfest I decided to paint over 200 skaven models so that my collection would finally look like a real army. In addition one of the requirements of Orctoberfest was that players at the very minimum base coat all their models. So I took the time to not only paint all of the units and characters below, but my whole skaven collection. If you want to check out my progress at the time, check out my blog

Characters, Lords 495pts/625pts
495 pts Grey Seer.
- Skalm, Dispel Scroll, Level 4 (Lore of Ruin).
- Screaming Bell.

Characters, Heroes 411pts/625pts
92 pts Chieftain.
- Shield, Poisoned Attacks (SP), Weeping Blade
104 pts Chieftain.
- Shield, Halberd, Battle Standard Bearer
- Shroud of Dripping Death
150 pts Warlock Engineer.
- Warp-Energy Condenser, Doom Rocket
- Level 2 (Lore of Ruin)
65 pts Warlock Engineer.
- The Terrifying Mask of EEE! Death Globe

Core 629pts>625pts
195 pts Clanrats.
- Shields, Spears, Standard, Musician, Champion
- Size: 35
260 pts Clanrats.
- Shields, Spears, Standard, Musician, Champion
- Size: 48
70 pts Warp-Fire Thrower. – Size: 1
52 pts Skaven Slaves.
- Slings, Musician- Size: 20
52 pts Skaven Slaves.
- Slings, Musician- Size: 20

Special 466pts/1250pts
250 pts Plague Monks.
- Champion, Standard, Musician, Storm Banner
- Size: 25
108 pts Gutter Runners.
-Size: 6 –Poisoned Attacks, Slings
108 pts Gutter Runners.
-Size: 6 –Poisoned Attacks, Slings

Rare 490pts/625pts
250 pts Hellpit Abomination.
-Warp-Stone Spikes
150 pts DoomWheel.
90 pts Warp-Lightning Cannon.

Total 2491pts/2500pts

Character Overview:
I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I chose a grey seer as my general at this point level, since magic spells can really turn a battle in your favour(Dreaded 13th spell). However most players seem to put him on foot in a massive unit, usually with the talisman of preservation(4+ ward save). This is a direct result of true line of sight, which can allow warmachine heavy armies to destroy the beautiful bell and plague furnance models. I offer a different opinion which some people may find interesting and which actually played a big factor in ALL my games. Ok Sure, every Cannon, Stonethrower, and Bolt Thrower can see the Bell just about everywhere on the table.....but, what they don't see is the Hellpit abomination, doom wheel, warp lighting cannon, gutter runners, warp fire thrower, distraction slave units and my other big units. Their focus is solely on destroying the bell and the general, leaving themselves open for faster and more deadlier things to sneak into their army.

War and More: "Ard" We Ready For This?

Note:"This particular Ard Boyz tournament was at a Canadian event, in Alberta, but is apart of the North American Ard Boyz Overall Tournament"

Preliminaries on August 28th
Semifinals on September 25th
Finals on October

Here we are, at the onset of the 2010 Warhammer 'Ard Boyz Season and the question still stands, "Who is the best Warhammer player in North America?" Thousands of people raised their hand last year, thinking they had the marbles, but only one player remained standing after the dust settled.

Think you can take the prize? Once again, you'll have to PROVE IT!'Ard Boyz Tournaments are a three-part, competitive series of events hosted by Independant Retailers across North America. Unlike the traditional tournament format you may be familiar with, that takes into consideration your painting and sportsmanship, the 'Ard Boyz Tournaments focus on one thing and one thing only; how well you play the game! These tournaments are the place to field that nasty list you felt guilty about playing, or that massive horde army you couldn't hope to paint it in time.

Fight your way through the locals in the Preliminaries on August 28th. This round will be held at Independent Retailers all over the country.

Players who end up in the top three will be invited to the Semifinals held in select locations on September 25th. The winner of the Semifinal will get a 3,000 point army of the race of their choice and the 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive generous online vouchers for our Web Store. These top three Semifinalists will be eligible to attend the Finals, which will be held on October 23rd at the Chicago Battle Bunker.

At the main event, players will compete for buckets of prizes, but more importantly, they will fight for the right to call themselves 'Ard Boys. So who will be the best this year? Can you marshall your forces to claim the title of 'ARD BOY?

FantasyArdBoyzRules.pdf (0.46 MB)
USWHArdBoyz2010Scenarios (0.86 MB)

War and More: 1st Steamroller

Hello again everyone! Just a quick entry today about a relatively new and small event that was hosted last weekend at my local gaming shop.

Now for the past few months Warmachine/Hordes has been building up alot of excitement since the local store first started selling the product back in March. Here finally was the first event for the game and we had some special conditions for our First Ever Steamroller.

-Two different 25pts Army Lists from Warmachine or Hordes using the same faction.
...-There will be a total of three games
-$15can  is the current entry fee.
-Players are chosen at random, but opponents will know which faction you play, not your lists however and you'll be able to decide which list you use before each game.

-Theme Tier Lists are legal and therefore allowed in the tournament

-Armies must contain the correct models (No Proxy)
-Armies must be fully painted, with at least 3 colours

-All Players must bring a rulebook, tape measure, and the correct game supplies, including a way to mark damage boxes.

Finally if you decide to use a Hordes faction you must have the most updated Pdfs that you can find online at the Privateer Press Homepage. To find the link check our links section on the main club page.

10am Start time
-First Game----------10:15am - 11:45am ---------- Mission: Killing Field
-Lunch----------------11:45am - 12:45pm ---------- Mission: Achieve caster kill against hunger

-Second Game-------12:45pm - 2:15pm ----------- Mission: Mosh Pit
-Third Game----------2:15pm - 4:00pm ----------- Mission: Throw Down

Since this event was the first event our store has held for warmachine the number of people wasn't as large as a normal warhammer tournament would have been, but every army was painted at least.

For the SteamRoller I decided to use the Protectorate of Menoth, since I love the knight theme that the army can support and considering that regardless what army you pick in the game. It comes down to the mission and how you manage your units on the table top that determines the victor. So my first choice for a caster was pretty simple, Epic Kreoss. Now why didn't I pick the Prime version of Kreoss? Well I do like how the prime version's feat knocks down units, making the task of caster killing or objective taking much easier. Now thats fine and that tactic works fairly well, but what I like about the Epic version is the support he gives his army and how he just makes Exemplar Knights, Errants, and Bastions, so much better.

Epic Kreoss, 6+ warjack points
Templar, 8pts-6pts = 2pts
Min Choir of Menoth, 2pts
Min Exemplar Errants, 5pts
Unit attachment, 2pts
Exemplar Knights, 5pts
Full Exemplar Bastions, 8pts


War and More: Snowed in at the Spring Thaw

Hello fellow wargamers! After being inspired by writing my first article for Rankings Hq about the S.Q.U.I.G.S Fantasy Tournament a few months back, I got invited by my friend and local hobby shop owner to write a tournament report for the 40k Spring Thaw tournament that occured in May.

Future Articles from this point?: I fiqure that from this point I will try my best to cover most of the events in my area that I can travel to, as you may have guessed snow can be an issue in my area of Northern Alberta, Canada. By naming my articles from this point on it will be easier for people to find them online, and gives the articles a sense of ownership and purpose that people can enjoy.

Now I used to play alot of 40k a few years back (Not so much anymore) and knew how the 5th edition ruleset changed from 4th Edition, so I decided that it would be neat to do an event recap. I currently play alot of Warhammer Fantasy now and I'm lovin every moment! But no matter how much I may play warhammer, at my core I'm still a 40k fanboy at heart and enjoy watching the games and playing the occasional game once in a while.

Before the Thaw:

Usually the events at the store are around 20 people and usually very fun, but
little did I know... that this simple tournament would explode into the most exciting and important event that our store would hold this year! 

Tournament Guidelines

1) HAVE FUN! Remember, this is a GAME. Settle disputes quickly and know the quirky rules that your army has and where to find them to show your opponent. Judges will be around to help with interpretation on rules.

2) Your army force may be 1500 points maximum using standard army selection (NO Imperial armour, Chapter Approved, and Apocalypse unites).

3) Your force must be made using the most current rules available.

4) The rule of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) will be in effect. Please try your best to follow it. (you MAY be penalized on severity)

5) Special Character MAY be used.

6) Players are expected to conduct themselves in a polite and respectful manner; unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion.

7) Players should bring their own dice, rulers, rules, templates, books and miniatures. Labels on your stuff are a good idea.

8) Army lists MUST be written up for submission by May 1st. Players should have 3 copies of their list when they arrive: one to play with one backup and one to resubmit to check for changes (and I will be checking). There are extra tournament points for early and accurate army list submissions.

9) All games are going to be from the 40K main book.

10) Terrain on each table will be setup and will NOT be moved be players. Rules for what counts as difficult/impassable terrain are to be agreed by the players before each game.

11) To register: drop into Wonderland Toy & Hobbies with entrée fee and army list or e-mail Jeremy Goldsack at with army list and any questions. Fees are $15 prepay or $20 day of Tournament

Schedule: May 15 (Saturday) May 16 (Sunday)
9:30 – 10:30am: Show up      9:30 – 10:30am: Show up
10:30- 12:00: Game #1        10:30- 12:00: Game #4
12:00 – 1:00: lunch              12:00 – 1:00: lunch
1:00 – 2:30: Game #2            1:00 – 2:30: Game #5
2:30 – 3:00: Break                 2:30 – 3:00: Break
3:00 – 4:30: Game #3            3:00 – 4:30: Game #6
                                                5:00 (ish): Awards

Please note the games may end at variable times but MUST start on time. There is some time leeway for people to finish things up if they wish to forfeit their lunch or break time.

S.Q.U.I.Gs Spring Fantasy Tournament

Going to the Squigs event was an entertaining challenge with some interesting composition restrictions to break up the usual tournament lists.

It was: 1999 points, not 2000pts. So no lord, only 3 characters, 2 core, 3 special and only one rare choice. Lastly you could not use models with more then 5 wounds.

Losing a rare, special, and character choice ended up freeing ALOT of points for my Skaven army. After filling up all the other slots in the list already I basically had no option, but to stuff the remaining points into core. Seems like a great idea at first.. right, more core means more rats and that spells trouble for my opponents. However I had one big problem with that idea......the sheer amount of models that I would have needed to buy/build/paint in order to just participate was more then my student budget could ever possibly afford. So I came from another angle and upgraded my units more then I would normally would. In the end I had a model count around 200, which against some opponents allowed me to outnumber them 3:1.

Skaven 1996
184pts Plague Priest: Flail, Poisoned attacks,  Foul Pendant, Level 2
150pts Warlock Engineer: 2 Dispel Scrolls, Level 2
150pts Warlock Engineer: Doom Rocket, Warp-Energy Condenser, Level 2


3 units of Skavenslaves: with Slings, Spears and Musicians. 62pts for each unit of 20

145pts Clanrats: with Shields, Spears, and full command. Size: 25
70pts Warp-Fire Thrower
375pts Stormvermin: Shields and full command, The Shroud of Dripping Death. Size: 40!
65pts  Poisoned Wind Mortar
75pts Giant Rats: 17 rats, 3 handlers Size: 20


250pts Plague Monks: Full command, Stormbanner Size: 25
96pts Plague Censer Bearers Size: 6
100pts Jezzails: Size 5

Rare: 150pts Doomwheel.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tomb Kings Review: Special Choices P2


NOTE: Just a bit of a disclaimer, I will be looking at all the choices within the army book and by no means do I know or realize every combo/tactic that can be achieved with this army. The following is a "highly" opinionated review and by no means should be considered complete or the "Right Way" to build/collect/play the faction in question. Mistakes will be made so do not take everything written as complete fact. Useful/helpful User input is highly encouraged. Enjoy!! :D

My Preferred Units:  (64)


Well, lame attempts at a joke aside. This week's theme is all about exploring the depths of the Special Rule "Entombed Beneath the Sands" that is used for half of the special units within the Special Choices section. So what happens when a unit actually carries this special rule? The selected units gain the "Ambusher" ability and instead of entering the game from a table edge, they emerge from a token/coin that you place on the table during your remaining move's phase. Afterwards you roll both a Scatter and Artillery Dice to determine where the unit shows up. If a misfire is rolled or if the marker hits another unit and the unit cannot be placed for any reason(impassable terrain). Therefore you roll on the misfire chart and needless to say, it is rather unpleasant; results including everthing from showing up on a random table edge, to being destroyed outright. Lastly the unit arrives in the remaining moves part of the turn, so they are not allowed to charge. That last one is probably the most significant change compared to previous versions of the rule and lets see how it affects the future roles of these units under the battlefield.

Now this is a unit that I have to say is very interesting. Now normally I tend to look past Swarm type units because they are lackluster and lack the hitting power of a standard infantry unit. My reasoning for this is that you can have a cheaper infantry unit of 10 guys achieving the same goals that a group of three swarms might hope to accomplish. Sure they have more wounds and in most cases also have poisoned attacks, but they just lack the durability and recieve extra damage when losing a combat. However, I believe that this unit is the best choice when picking a unit to best utilize the EBTS rule. They can be deployed practically anywhere; can go after light targets like fast cav and warmachines with multiple poisoned attacks. The best part is that this unit is relatively cheap and even if you misfire, resulting in it's own death, you really don't lose much with regards to points. This unit is by far the best swarm unit in the game and can be helpful to an extent, but you will find it competing with other more important special choices and therefore this unit will most likely get over looked.

Deployment Options
-A unit of 3 that is placed behind enemy lines to attack support elements like warmachines and other light targets
-Have the unit as a one turn redirector so that you can set up important counter charges

Re-Rolling 6's, June 29th

It's time to make that game winning roll. You Pray to the Dice Gods and to Lady Averages. You throw the dice FTW!~!~ And it's a SIX!~ Too bad though....... it's stuck on your lucky penny.



In the event of unscheduled news or late weekend reports, here's Re-Rolling 6's.......

CONTROL, ALT......Refresh?

Hello everyone! The Tournament/weekend update has been held back Way too long. And to make it short and simple heres a point form diagram about my failure to update.......

- Forgot to take Pictures
- Planing for the big move to the University
- BUDGET, BUDGET, and BUDGET!~ (Thanks  mom :)
-Warmachine Wrath finally came out OMG OMG OMG!~!~
- This article got deleted when I accidently forgot to save, while refreshing the page >_<
- Storm of Magic is coming out.......OMG WRATH IS OUT!~ :D

Here are the highlights:
-The Warshinx, like a total boss destroys a unit of 29 bloodletters and herald
-The Wraiths hold up the chariots and proceed kill them and the archers behind them.
-One flamer remains for Reggie's entire army
-The clanrats kill off the ghouls and most of Kelsey's forces

Tomb Kings Review: Special Choices P1



NOTE: Just a bit of a disclaimer, I will be looking at all the choices within the army book and by no means do I know or realize every combo/tactic that can be achieved with this army. The following is a "highly" opinionated review and by no means should be considered complete or the "Right Way" to build/collect/play the faction in question. Mistakes will be made so do not take everything written as complete fact. Useful/helpful User input is highly encouraged. Enjoy!! :D

My Preferred Units:  (64)

Looking back on the dawn of 8th Edtion, there was a fair amount of speculation about the impact of the Special Choices on the game as a whole. With the ability to spend up to 50% of your total points on these unique and fantastic units, armies were forever changed. For better or worse I am going to dive head first into the new SC for the TK's. But I'm not alone in this venture as I share some of the thoughts that others from the vast reachs of the interwebs also have to say about the all important Special section......................... 



What can be said really? It has Toughness 8, it can buy a Str 4 Breath weapon, theres the amazing thundercrash attack against infantry/swarms/warbeasts (Small Template Str3, Str 9 under the hole, roll one dice to hit), ohhh and the 4 tomb guard(Killing Blow) riding it with a thunderstomp attack. Now these are all fantastic, but its not without drawbacks as well. Theres it being hard to heal with magic only healing one wound per spell (that could be used on unit buffs instead), it only has a 5+ armour save, it has only 5 wounds that can also be taken away if it loses combat.
With that said the Warsphinx is very difficult for any opponent to deal with and it can be a real thorn for any player. Toughness 8 makes this monster fairly resilient, so it can walk up to big infantry units and make them a big cat toy. However if the TK player throws the Warsphinx needlessly into horde units theres a fairly decent chance that the opponent can weaken the monster over several rounds of combat. Plus, while it has an amazing breath weapon attack theres only one shot, so use it wisely.
Over the weekend at the doubles tournament I found that small distraction units, small units of knights(decent armour), and chariots seem to limit the Warsphinx's impact on the game. WHAT!~!~ Knights really? Basically what happens is that the Warsphinx doesn't get to Thundercrash or Thunderstomp, leaving it with 4 Tomb guards and it's own 4 attacks that are at Str 4(TG) and Str 5(WSph) respectively. Now the Killing Blow of the Tomb Guard is nice, but unreliable; due to the Sphinx having a low weapon skill, it's unlikely to get many attacks off. There was a game where the Warsphinx was held up for 2 turns because of a luckly Tuskor Chariot charge. Sure we could have used the breath weapon, but we wanted to burn gors, not boars.... There is the option of buying poisoned attacks for the sphinx, but considering that it should be going after infantry(therefore losing its basic attacks due to thundercrash) it's a tough ability to consider.
Heres some goals/deployment for the Warsphinx
- 1-2 Warsphinx seems about right, 3 is a bit over kill unless you want a monster horde type army.
- The Warsphinx can stand up to nearly anything in the game, including my own Hellpit abomination. But the Warsphinx excells at killing basic infantry and they should be the main target
- Can be deployed in the center of the army to increase the likelyhood of getting into combat early.
-It can protect a flank well, but then you run the risk of it not making combat till later in the game, due to it's rather slow speed of 6 and no marching.-Watch out for small distraction units that might slow down the might of your Sphinx.

Weekend Round Up......Time For a Reroll!!!

Due to some technical difficulties this week's Weekend Round Up is surprisingly late, but considering that alot of things have come up recently, I felt that it was necessary to talk about some rather important developments. Therefore I had an idea("or a headache with pictures") and decided to create another article type in the event of unscheduled news or late weekend reports........

Re-Rolling 6's


Now I believe that out of all the selections in Warhammer Fantasy, the Special Choices are by far the most significant(in the most recent book releases anyway). Therefore I would like to do something very interesting with regards to the Tomb Kings Special Choices article. I have my own opinions and ideas about how to build a TK army with regards to the Special choices. But I am more interested in what some of the other TK vets and community bloggers think about the Special Choices. Therefore you can vote on Facebook, for your personal favorites and explain why you love them so much or showcase unique methods to field these units in tournament play.!/home.php?sk=group_38660572285&ap=1




What the Wii have U been up 2?

Funny story(Its not that funny :p) after uploading my Weekend Round Up article on Monday, my computer( a 4 year old Vista) finally decided to bite the bucket and as a result I have been stuck without a computer for the whole week. Now I didn't get too upset(I got 4 years out of a vista) but it did put me in a bit of bind this week, with regards to my article writing. Combined with my later shifts at work and my small budget, I had to re-boot my old desktop that had some internet connection problems. But that is the past and now I have an article ready, and it starts at E3.......

Now for those of you who don't know what E3(Electronic Entertainment Expo) represents, it is a yearly convention that shows the latest and greatest innovations in video game entertainment. Everyone from Sony to Nintendo attends this event to showcase what they are bringing to the table to drive the industry forward. Everything from the latest titles to Booth Babes ;) E3 has it all. The only real problem I have with E3 though is that it's a press only event, sooo unless you happen to be a reporter, have fun getting in. With that said heres a link to showcase videos that G4 Tech Tv has done to keep everyone else in the loop.

So I watched all the press events from my tv at home and to my surprise I stumbled upon this announcement trailer during Nintendo's press release at E3...

Heres a video of the announcement trailer:

The WII U Controller

Silly names aside, this new innovation from Nintendo has had me shocked. I didn't know what to think about this device. Heres all the confirmed information about the device:
-It comes with a new console, not only a new controller
-It will have HD 1080p graphics, the controller included.
-It has a built in camera, touchpad, accelerometer, gyroscope and microphone
-Will be coming out sometime fall of 2012
-Multiple controllers can play multiple games on one system
-The old Wii-mote can still be used in combination with the Wii U

Warmachine Errata May 2011


Man, I have to say...thank goodness for the GW erratas last year and the hours upon hours of reading I had to do. Because now when I look at this Warmachine errata, which is fairly lengthy for a PP Errata. I am able to read through it fairly quickly. But as one personal criticism note, while I get that the Warmachine/Hordes Mk2 Prime/Primal rulebooks are different....why did Privateer Press feel that it was necessary to repeat the exact same rules(word for word) for both books? Why not bunch them together to save room and then for unique rules (Frenzy/Threshold) say that they are hordes specific? It seems like a waste of paper and would actually make the errata alot smaller. I'm not trying to be too critical because it is just clearing up any confusion between the game systems, but it seems weird to repeat the obvious I guess.

Also a quick note, I really like the way Privateer has layed out this errata, every heading is unique and easy to read and its not completely boring to look at. Now it took me forever to actually locate this errata(Should have looked on the front page   >_<   ) , because for some reason google decided to tell me the link was broken. But with that said, heres some of the big changes you can expect to see in the Errata.



It has been cleared up a fair bit now. Basically whenever a Warjack/Warbeast Tramples onto a unit in Shield wall, the unit maintains their Extra Armour Bonus against the trample attack. Now Seeing that a Warjack/beast uses it's base Str value for a trample(Usually around Str 11 for heavies), its alot more likely for shield wall infantry to survive a full on trample. Mind you that heavies with decent rolling are most likely going to wipeout infantry anyway, but its by no means a sure thing. Not to mention if the unit has been buffed by the Piper of Ord (Tough FTW). Just a nice simple rule clarification that helps make a tarpit alittle more sticky.



Now this errata change is arguably the most significant one to have been made this time around. If you have any previous experience with E-Gaspy in the past, his feat would spell doom for any unwary opponent. Basically he could return up to 10 dead models back for one turn only and they had to declare a charge. They used to have the amazing incorporeal ability, so they could simply float past the opposing army and kill the warcaster. Now the rule change is rather small, but it pretty much prevents this from happening now. They no longer have incorporeal, but now have "ghostly" which is basically incorporeal without the ability to travel through enemy models. This will change the way Egaspy has been played in the past, but not so much that it has been nerfed to the point of uselessness. His feat is still very potent and like many other warcasters/warlocks something to be wary about every turn of the game.

Weekend Round Up, June 5th 2011

Wow what an amazing week for the Daily D6! This was the first week of fairly consistently released article content. You might have noticed the new logo? Finally I have found a logo that represents the DD6 properly. The Maple leaf was chosen for very obvious reasons and I should get me a set of them. Also the coming week also looks very promising as well.....lets see whats coming up in....



-Tomb Kings Special Choices Review Part One. I take a look at four of the eight special choices of the new Tomb Kings book. I will be discusing my extensive theory-hammering on how to expand into the special section with your chosen core army.


-THE MYSTERY BOX. This kind of article will discuse a topic that I discover during the week, or has been suggested to me either by email or on Twitter @ATT64. Ultimately I will pick the topic(hard to write about something you don't like for instance), but suggestions are welcome. These topics can range from anything Wargame related to several aspects of popular nerd culture. For example: "How can you get more FURYHAMMER! in your life"?

Tomb Kings: Core



NOTE: Just a bit of a disclaimer, I will be looking at all the choices within the army book and by no means do I know or realize every combo/tactic that can be achieved with this army. The following is a "highly" opinionated review and by no means should be considered complete or the "Right Way" to build/collect/play the faction in question. Mistakes will be made so do not take everything written as complete fact. Useful/helpful User input is highly encouraged. Enjoy!! :D

My Preferred Units:  [Symbol (64)]



With the dawn of Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition, there was the re-introduction of the percentage system. One of the unique features of the percentage system was that every army required a minimum of 25% of the army to consist of core units. Now there are two schools of thought when constructing an army with this 8th edition mindset. The first and probably the most common, way is to fill up the mandatory 25%; move on to the more interesting sections of the army book, like the special and rare choices. The other method of list design is to concentrate mostly on the core of the army, going far beyond the min amount. Using the bulk of the army to tie up the opponent while the few hard hitting special/rare units break the opposing enemy line.

The beauty of the Tomb Kings book is that it caters to both extremes, allowing there to be a nice middle ground to build a take all comers list. The true advantage of 8th edition over its previous versions, is that there is basically no "Useless" units. What does this actually mean? Well with all the changes to Ld tests, Magical buffs, and Victory Points, every unit has the potential to maintain their points throughout the whole game, unless it's destroyed out right. With Magical Spell buffs every unit has the "Potential" to become a hammer. Mind you that some units are better obvious choices stats/points wise, but the basic principle can still apply to generic units. Finally every unit, regardless of their statline can act as a distraction, in one shape or form.

But with that said, how does this apply to the new Tomb Kings Core choices? Follow as I explain below......

Weekend Round Up, May 29 2011


A little late on the update today, but if you have read my last article you will know that Terraria has taken alot of my motivation. :D  But needless to say theres quite alot I want to write about in this update.


Now that my summer hours seem to be more solid, I will be able to plan out and release articles on a more regular basis. I'm going to try and shoot for 1-2 articles a week, and then a weekend roundup as well. The weekly articles will be more specific topic focused; the weekend roundups will have a variety of topics and personal opinions on recent news and plans.

With that said heres what you can expect in the following week....(Hopefully ;)

-Tomb Kings Core analysis. This article will address what makes the TK's core unique in warhammer fantasy; what potential ways you can build your TK lists with the core in mind. This will the first of many blog posts to follow in my attempt to write an indepth TK review article on RHQ. If anyone has any experience playing the TK's in 8th or has their own thoughts and opinions on the current book, feel free to let me know so that I can make it as inclusive as possible. Expect more TK articles in following months.

-Privateer Press Erratas. I will delve into what major changes have happened in the new erratas and see what interesting stuff can be found. I am going to see if I can pull it off this week, but if not It will be around early next week.


Where art thou Beasts of War?

Now during the week before the rapture, there was a variety of news stories that seemed to pile up and out of them all I was most shocked by this one. You might have realized already, but I'm a bit of a youtube nut. So every night I spend some time watching commentaries, starcraft 2, and of course wargaming. I check out my usual channels and to my surprise I can't find Beasts of War? I try some more searchs and come across this tragic message: "The channel Beasts of War has been removed for violating several privacy and rating guidelines".......? In my mind I'm trying to rationalize what the heck this actually means, because if anything I always thought of BoW being pretty tame with regards to guidelines. Its kind of like hearing your grandmother swear for the first time. You know she could do it, but you'd never expect it from her. Luckly I follow BoW on Twitter and was able to find out relatively quick what had happened. Now for obvious reasons I won't say exactly what kicked them off the air, for fear of dying from the killer joke .
But in all seriousness if you are curious on what BoW has to say about it heres their video response on

Now all this is still very strange to me for many reasons: For starters BoW have an amazing track record, and if the following is true. Youtube needs to take a serious look at about another million other channels, that "actually" break their guidelines and take them off the air. Second, I wonder why Youtube thought it was completely necessary to remove "all" BoW content from the website (channel and good videos included). All they really needed to do was say: "Hey sorry about this, but your one video has content that is questionable. So could you please change it to meet the guidelines?". Lastly, how come youtube was quick enough to remove BoW? Apparently their video was up for probably an hour, before they bombed it. I'm guessing because BoW is a fairly common channel, but still I have seen about a dozen other common channels that constantly break the most obvious guidelines and they are still up on the website?

Now not all is lost fellow BoW fans, because thankfully BoW have their main website that contains all previous and new content. Had they only their youtube page, then maybe this would be different. Thankfully this isn't the case. I am hopefull that in the following weeks we are able to find out more on the topic, but in the meantime we will have to see.

But during this time I'm sure Warren and all the guys over at Beasts of War would appreciate your support. Hopefully I have done my part in getting the word out and make sure to tell them to keep up the good work!

Rock, Paper, Scissor, Lizard, Spock!!!

For those of you, who don't know what I'm talking about heres a clip from the Big Bang Theory that pretty much explains its self. Ready for this? ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS, LIZARD, SPOCK!!!!! (Looks at Hand) Spock of course :)

But what is the purpose of this build up? While I was attempting to write up this article for several weeks, there was several key news stories that got in the way though. Stories like the GW Price raises, the limitations placed on Wayland games etc, and Beasts of War getting kicked off youtube, just to name a few. Oh and I guess the Rapture, but seeing how that failed and my attempts to rework this article have taken forever(not to mention forgetting the joke of the article) I believe that I have finally got something "Alternative" to talk about. If you don't get the obvious "hint" I will be talking about Alternative game systems to invest into. Because lets face it, I love the Warhammers and GW minis as much as the next guy, but even I can tell you what they are doing to Oz and NZ  GW prices are completely unrealistic (Don't they know Food and Fuel is going up?), but understand that when a company has almost 90% market share they can flex that price muscle a bit. Now I don't think GW is wrong in their choices because they can do that in a free market, but as a result every choice has consequences and as consumers we need to expand the miniatures market so that we can have more diversity and choice with regards to prices and companies. Now adding to what my friend Mike from FBRoundup has already stated, we shouldn't hate GW and overflow local forums with our bad manners and rightful outrage. Instead we should be the instruments of change and at the very least show big companies that we are a force in the industry. How do we do this? Support other game systems and the best part is you don't have to quit your current hobbies. Actually most of the following games that I'm going to list below have their main core rules on the internet already. Most of them don't require a whole lot of models to play and their game systems are dynamic and engaging. I would even encourge proxying the models first and then expanding into those ranges sometime in the future, if you finally decide to buy those games. Finally if you find that you don't like the game system, its not like you invested a terrible amount of money into the new game so it shouldn't be difficult to cycle out the models or even use them in you own GW based armies. Companies like Privateer Press and Mantic Games have developed into potentially powerful competitors already, so I thought I would showcase some of the smaller games that have just recently drawn my attention. Finally I have added some cheap computer games to the mix, because hey when you find a deal you run with it :).

Looping back to the starting joke here are some of the other amazing options out there right now:

FIRESTORM ARMADA/DYSTOPIAN WARSFrom the creators of Uncharted Seas, Spartan Games has created two very unique and interesting game systems that might tickle your fleet fancy. I have always loved the concept of fleet battles on water or in space and these two games help bring that love of mine to life. Firestorm Armada puts you in command of a space navy as you put all power to the engines and ram into the opposing enemy fleet. The biggest draw for me in this game is the size of ships...


(Brought to you by Jaded Gamercast. Check out the Firestorm Episode,

Plus they are in full resin so they are easy to build and take next to no time to paint. Certain fleets are better at long range combat while other specialize at broadside firefights. This game holds alot of potential and has got me fairly excited.

Weekend Round Up, May 15 2011

Weekend Round Up
Its been a fairly busy week with regards to my job, so as a result I haven't been able to write a whole lot, but it turns out to be a good thing. During my week away from writing I have seen quite alot of content from RHQ and other sources. All the new blogs or ones that have been rebooted, have inspired me on different ways to interpret and look at similar information. The biggest example of this being the new Tomb Kings release. Since my original article, which was released a week before the book came out I have read many articles, discusions, and analysis about the book and each time I find something that I didn't consider before, or a rule that can be utilized in another way. This shows the strength of the book when the community at large can find many ways to play an army and all of them are effective in some way.

In other news, you may or may not have noticed, but I have found out a way to bypass the picture uploader for Tournament articles(Not Blogs posts) Like the Squigs Warmahordes 2011 tournament. If you have tried to upload pictures via the uploader for articles, unless its a certain size it will say the picture is too large. Plus you are limited by the amount of pictures per page and you have click on them to enlarge the image. The last critical thing which isn't a big issue, but can be difficult to deal with is that once you upload a picture it brings you back to the front page, which can be problematic if you forget to save info.

However this Blog has helped me out greatly in this regard, because I can upload the pictures in their full size(There are still limits, but you can change that) and add written blog content with them and post it quickly over a short period of time. Then I all do is copy the blog post, and paste it into the article page and suddenly the articles can hold more photos as a result,

Utilizing this technique, I feel good about collecting older blog posts and categorizing them into epic compact articles. For instance I have many ideas for future Tomb Kings, Orcs/Goblins articles and at the end of the year once I have had more experence with the books I can gather all the blog posts over the course of the year and publish them into an easy to access article. However, because I am limited to theory-hammer/limited playtesting, because lets face it, why should one person pretend to be the master of every army when they only play a handful of factions and based on their metagames will be tunned to face specific factions(Comp/No Comp). So I open up this anyone who is reading this, if you have some input or experence with the subject manner, speak up and share your knowledge as a blogger on RHQ. Also I am open to co-op reviews/articles on any topic, just send me an email at,, or contact me on Twitter @ATT64, I check both at least once everyday, so give me shout if you are interesting in having your articles/blog posts being included in these inclusive reviews/articles. I'm interested in your thoughts and opinions.

Wrath Warcasters


With the new Wrath expansion just upon the horizon, Privateer Press has been steadly releasing pictures, rumours and in some cases actually giving us the models to buy. Theres the two new Battle Engines: The Khador Gun Carriage, and the Arcantrik Force Generator. Which are the first Battle Engines to have rules released for them, and should be hitting the store shelves fairly soon. There have been photos of the Cygnar Storm Strider and the Cryx Wraith Engines. Strange though, is the fact theres only been concept art for the Protectorate Vessel of Judgment Battle Engine and no physical product yet. This tells me that something has slowed its release, which could be anything from external to internal causes. This is all speculation of course so take it for what it is. I will most likely write an article on the Battle Engines in the near future so stay tooned for that. 

The past two weeks have lead to some more spoilers and sneak peaks at the new Wrath Warcasters and finally after today, we have all the models in the fleash. You can find all these models at KEEP IN MIND THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS ABOUT MODELS WITH NO ACTUAL RULES YET. RULES THAT WILL BE RELEASED IN THE NEW WRATH EXPANSION BOOK.

Enjoy ;p

A CONSTANT had to know that was coming.....I could not help myself..... :(


Constance Blaize is a resolute champion of Morrow who leads her Precursor Knights into battle against the unholy terrors that threaten all of mankind. Her greatest foes are the sprawling nightmare empire of Cryx and the vile servants of the dark god Thamar. Empowered by her faith, Blaize fights for her god and her nation with fervor inspired by the holy ascendants she reveres.

First Look: Tomb Kings 2011 Army Book Review



This will be my first look at the new Tomb Kings Army Book, but you'll notice as your reading that I won't go too specific into the entrys. The reason for this is mostly because this is my first impressions on the book and about certain parts in it. This will be more of a brief opinion review that will be followed by a more in depth review later in the year. This is so that I can get a better perspective on how this army will function in the new 8th edition landscape and I think it would be pointless to be too critical on this book during this time. Keep in mind that I can get information wrong while recording my notes, but those mistakes will be pretty minor. Models provided by Wonderland Toy and Hobby. 



As you can tell the new TK book has been put into beautiful colour and man it really shows off the sheer quality of GW Artwork. Its a shame that GW doesn't have a webpage for all their independant artwork (If there is please let me know, also if you have some cool concept artwork yourself let me or Mike know and we can showcase it on the site :). The above photo was taken from the book and it showcases a Brettonian crusade against the TK, this is only a part of the total picture, so keep that in mind. Like every GW book before this book is significantly larger then previous books and the TK have been greatly expanded on.

Weekend Round Up - 25-Apr-2011

Well its been a while, but now that final exams are finally done for the year I have some time on my hands to write a few articles. This article is more of a preview on whats coming in the following week (Hopefully :) There has been alot of news last week and I plan on writing an article to address these new developments. There has been alot of previews for privateer press and games workshop last week and frankly I'm very excited to write about them in the following week.

Our Store got a copy of the new Tomb Kings and I have already read it, but before I finish that article I want to look more at the book in depth so that the article can be fairly lengthy like the OG book before. Same goes for the new warcasters and warjacks that have been previewed last week and I can't wait to see what they will be like on the field.

In other news my good friend Mike has finally started up his new blog "Fantasy Battle Roundup" and I think he's doing a great job gathering the thoughts and ideas of many warhammer fantasy bloggers/podcasters, in one place so that its easy to follow anyone you want or find out whats going on worldwide with regards to warhammer fantasy. You can follow him on twitter @FBroundup.

Also do you have any suggestions for future topics, good jokes, or even want to start a conversation? Follow me on Twitter @ATT64. I check my wall everyday so if you want to discuse Tomb Kings, Warhammer/Warmachine or just about any topic, I will do my best to answer all your posts ASAP. ;)

Till next Time

Adam Tremblay 

Tomb Kings, The future of Metal and Iron Wolf/Black Ivan

Tomb Kings Predictions and Analysis

Tomb Kings are an army that holds alot of memories for me, painful ones ;). When I first started playing warhammer fantasy, back towards the end of 6th edition Tomb Kings were a fairly powerful army and in the right player's hand could unleash upon their foes untold number of defeats. I was playing my empire during this time and anyone who's played pre-8th will know just how powerful a unbreakable fear causing army can be, especially one that can surge across the table into your lines by turn 2. In a way I have to thank the Tomb Kings, because they made me a better general and allowed me to be more competitive. As a result I know alot about the Tomb Kings, even though I never collected the army.

While originally there have been several types of army builds for Tomb Kings, eventually 3 main armies begain to surface from the sands. First was the Chariot army lead mostly by a Tomb King and several Tomb Princes(Don't forget the mandy Hierophant priest). This army would rely on the shear amounts of chariots that it could bring to bear on the enemy. Combined with the extremely reliable TK magic this army could get into any position and almost always charge(which was way more important back then). Shooting armys aslo hated this, since other monsters like carrion and tomb scorpions, would just destroy traditional gunlines. However while this particular build was very powerful, it lacked staying power and while it could pack a punch. It was crucial for the TK player to break their opponent in 2 turns, otherwise they would usually be grinded down by smart opponents. 

The next key build was the High Liche Priest army with large blocks of skeleton archers (around 20ish), tomb guard(with prince), that had other key elements like skull catapults and the CASKET OF SOULSS! (2mins 51sec, jk Vaulsc is great and if you really want an idea of what a pro TK player is like, check out some of his earlier vids). This army was fairly solid and with the current book it might still be a viable build against certain armies, another variation on this army is using the Tomb Queen special character making your archers have poisoned attacks :).

Finally there is the combined arms army which is the mid ground between the other 2 lists. Taking a Tomb king on foot in a massive tomb guard unit, followed by lots of archers and several small units of chariots for counter charging, and some other key tricks like the carrion 40 inch fly(remember when that was annoying), and tomb scorpions. A solid build for sure, with as many variations as there are types of monopoly games. 

Adepticon Video Content

April Fools! Now thats out of the way time for some Adepticon!!! Out of all the wargaming conventions that occur throughout the year, Adepticon is special because it shows the best of the industry with weekend long tournaments for almost every game system, Painting competitions, miniature showcases and new independant game companies present their new products. Its very much the GDC (Game Developers Conference) of Miniature wargaming. There are a variety of painting, modelling, and terrain building classes that also take place during the convention as well. If that wasn't enough theres exclusive first looks and demos of new products from many gaming companies.

Heres the Adepticon Timeline for 2011

Strange enough, I didn't know about Adepticon, until 2 years ago and even weirder, in past there weren't that many videos about the event? However this year the video content is already starting to roll out with several videos already. Theres Blue Table Painting who have done the most Adepticon coverage that I could find in the past 2 years, but more independants have started to record their own video content.

I will be adding more videos to this list as the Weekend goes on

Tomb Kings!!! Models!!!

This will be a real quick positing today, because I'm short on time, heres one  of latest Pics from GW. I don't have the time this morning to write about it, but here are the rest of the pictures

Till Next Time

Adam Tremblay

Adepticon!!!! Here I come!!!!

Actually I won't be going..... :(    But with all the talk going on about Adepticon, and how big and exciting its going to be this year, it got me thinking(first time eh?) that in honor of this Monumental occasion. That each blogger on RHQ should write a blog post about one aspect of Adepticon that has them excited about their hobby. The Post can even be a joke article, that has little to do with adepticon at all. The guidelines are......there are no guidelines,(Insert COMEDY Here) I encourage everyone to participate and to make this year's Adepticon on RHQ the best one yet! If you decide not to write an article thats fine too, this merely a suggestion. So for all the unlucky folks that have to stay home ( Stops for a moment, crys inside) "WHY why can't I go.....damn school!" Lets make this week a week to remember!

For those of you who are wondering. "Umm you haven't posted your tournament report yet or the last of the picutres"? In fact I have already uploaded the article, despite it crashing several times last night and I'm just waiting for its approval. The last of the pictures will follow as well.

I will be writing my "Road to Adepticon" post sometime later in the week, hopefully giving me time to find something interesting to talk about. Oh and Andrew if you could (Not that you aren't already busy with other interviews) could you talk to Shawn from Blue Table painting while your there at Adepticon? Thanks again for all your hard work!

Till Next time.....this week in fact!

Adam Tremblay! :P

Squigs Warmahordes Pre-Tournament Thoughts

Lets get this party started!!!


Finally the first warmachine/hordes tournament of the year is only 4 days away and I can hardly wait! I started playing warmachine around Feb 2010 last year, but our community has been slow going lately and the interest in tournaments has wanned, resulting in only 2 minor events(one even didn't become a tournament) during 2010. However this year the excitement and to some extent the ability to get the needed models, has increased and hopefully will be a more interesting warmachine/hordes year. .The tournament is a standard tournament using the new 2011 steamroller package, a 7 min turn limit and 25pts. Here are the 2 lists I will be bringing to this event.

First Look: Orc and Goblins 2011 Army Book Review


This will be my first look at the new Orcs and Goblins Army Book, but you'll notice as your reading that I won't go too specific into the entrys. The reason for this is mostly because this is my first impressions on the book and about certain parts in it. This will be more of a brief opinion review that will be followed by a more in depth review later in the year. This is so that I can get a better perspective on how this army will function in the new 8th edition landscape and I think it would be pointless to be too critical on this book until at least the new tomb kings and maybe another book comes out later this year. Simply because I have no other 8th edition books to compare it with....Anyways on to the review!!!!(Images provide by
What this means is that any weapon an orc is carrying(magic weapons included) counts as a choppa as well. So basically every orc has 1+ strength regardless of what weapons they use. So for instance spears get 1+ str and allow you to attack in an additional rank as well..... :). It also seems like the basic orc and arrow boyz have gone up by one point, but realizing the potential the new choppa rule allows for them its understandable. More importantly all orc characters can have magic weapons and still benefit from the choppa special rules, making orc characters even more badass in my eyes.

- Goblins have 1/2pt upgrades.....

Bombs Away!!! Holy Zealots

Holy Zealots
Like with all my articles and posts these are just my opinions, so these aren't meant to be the end all be all. Just my personal experiences using the unit and utilizing them in my games.

Dodge this!!!!
The Protectorate of Menoth has a variety of infantry ranging from cheap, average to expensive infantry. Out of all these units 3, standout as mainstay choices that many players love to use. The first one in no particular order is the Exemplar Errants, who combine effective combat skills and ranged attacks with a whole deck of special abilities. The second unit is the Temple Flameguard(Which I will hopefully write about in the future), which provide a nice tarpit in the form of a shield wall with flaming spears. Lastly there is the Holy Zealot unit, which is quite useful and potentially devastating to your opponent. The ability to have an entire 10 man unit throw grenades at the enemy will always have tactical value, and while some may choose other units for certain reasons, the zealots will always be used for one.....blowing up your enemy into tiny pieces.

Oh Greatswords and The Eternal Winter Waaagh

The Eternal Winter WaaaghAt the most recent Warhammer Fantasy tournament at the local game shop, I managed to claim the title of Best General. I feel like this particular tournament win is a personal achievement for myself. Now I have been to a variety of different tournaments in several cities with various different pts limits. I usually manage to climb my way to the top of ladder, but normally I only ever make it to a 4th or 3rd place spot. But this time around I have claimed the BG spot and at the local club no less, but thats not all. This time around our local shop has given out personal trophys hand made by a local player(Ian) in addition to other cash prizes.


Each Position(Best Overall, General, Painted) recieved a trophy with an identical design. Ian, is a machinest meaning he was able to cut these trophys from metal and added magnetic face plates for the hammers and title. Each trophy was hand painted by Jason Richards a local Golden Demon winner and he just put a simple but shinny colour scheme on the trophy.

Did you Know about: Jaded Gamercast?


A month or two ago I mentioned this podcast in one of my old blog posts and I've decided to elaborate more on the Podcast and what they've been up to over thepast few months. During this review I will be looking at their very first and most recent episodes .Now Jaded Gamercast is interesting to me because in a way they respent a sort of local podcast, although they live 5 hours away in another city.

Bias aside, heres my review of Jaded Gamercast!

The Show's Layout
-The Show lasts only for an hour, and is updated almost every week
-Hailing from the country of CountryStan former GW Staffers, Nathan and Lange, start off each episode explaining what they're drinking that episode and, OH man it gets real funny halfway through each episode.
-They explore many different topics involving Warhammer Fantasy, 40k, community(Global included), GW related rants, and criticisms about the ETC format. (NOTE: "All of These topics are just vocal opinions, and should be treated as such").
-Theres a Higher Learning segiment that explores a particular aspect of the chosen hobby, usually in the form of an army review, A-Z.
-The main bulk of the show is a combination of random Jaded Gamerness and drinking humour, so let the hilarity ensue!
-The end of the show is the Stupidity check, where both Nathan and Lange discuse one particular um.....Stupid moment that week that caught their attention.

The Big Switch :-D SECRET ARTICLE.....

Well, Well....It's been along time since I have read these postings. In order to avoid confusion for both newer and older readers I decided to create this special "Secret" Article that didn't show up on RHQ and has been magically been sent from the future.

While writing these posts about roughly a year ago, I wasn't sure what I wanted to achive with the Daily D6 or what format best suited my writing. Several things happened during this time, like me droping the dice roll concept, the inclusion of the protectorate of menoth army design, and many other different/unique ideas. While starting up the War and More Site, I found that there was no true bridge between these events and the major shift to the refined Daily D6. So Basically on this Site you can read all my previous content up to this point in the RHQ Original Postings Section; it's more or less an archive now. The Daily D6 Section will have all the recent and up to date posts as well as the transition pieces that were done during that time period.

Well it's high time I caught the nearest Delorean and get Back to the Future, hopefully Part one, not Part 3   :-p

Till Next Time

Adam Tremblay

Rolling Dice Off The Table

Lets Get Rolling

Hello everyone! Its been quite a while since I've posted last and I've been itching to write some blogs posts! Now there have been several reasons why I've been unable to post recently and here they are:
-Man,... working 3pm-12am really really sucks sometimes
-Assignments galore! Its almost midterm time and on top of that I have finish some more on the job training at schools.
-Painting I've been painting like a maniac the last month so, pictures are on the way.
-I have also been to a Warhammer Fantasy tournament recently and I've been trying to write up that article, which is also on the way.
-Trent and Andrews Vassal games of epicness have been pretty great, and I should be doing a posting on that topic sometime in the near future.

Changes to the DD6 in 2011Over the break and into the month of Jan, I have been giving alot of thought to how I want to improve the quality of the DD6 and I came to several conclusions. First off, while I like the idea of the daily roll, there have been some problems with it and how it affects my willingness to write. I have the ability to come up with several unique and interesting D6 rolls, but for the most part I find that it slows down the release of my articles a fair bit. I find that when I want to write an article, I want to publish it right away;  all I want to talk about is that topic. But for some reason the D6 roll most of the time is completely independant from the main topic and I find it rather distracting to have 2 different focus in the blog posts. The issue isn't that I can't come up with different rolls, its the fact that I find it more time consuming and taxing to make each one unique and use ones that are actually real, because lets be realistic there are only so many luckly rolls in a game. Does this mean I'll never use the Daily roll again? No it means instead of posting one for every article, I will only post them on special occasions and when that roll was actually meaningfull. Second of all, I found that my original idea of matching up the dice roll to the day the article was published was a great idea, but unrealistic. With my busy schedule, I find it hard to publish large articles on a daily basis, meaning that I would usually take a while to publish an article, just because of the format I have chosen. So to make things easier for myself and my regular readers  I will stop doing that as well.

The Templar: a Smashing Good Time

Todays Roll2D6 and rolled a 7, then add a POW of 14......totaling a value of 21! Thats 2 points of damage to......wait your Warjack has a shield.........   >:( 

The Templar


That shield isn't just for looks you know

This was the first warjack I've ever painted and played with, and it hasn't disappointed. Not only the look of this model, but its rules as well showed me how fun this model can be. In fact it was the only warjack I took to my first tournament back in May, and needless to say it performed exactly as I thought it would, smashing stuff to scrappy pulp.

Exemplar Errants, Magic Crossbows! FTW

Todays Roll6+.....Channeled a power dice! ..........Another weird addition to the game of Warhammer Fantasy is the inclusion of the channeling special rule for magic users. Basically when you roll for the winds of magic, all mages roll one dice to see if they generate an additional power/dispel dice, on a roll of a 6+. This rule is interesting, but weird because typically this extra dice is rare and isn't always a factor in most games. Needless to say though it can be a nice surprise when it happens though.

Exemplar Knight Errants


Take all Comers
I love the Exemplar Errant unit, its fast, hits hard and has a beautiful ranged attack. They are the only Exemplar unit that can reach ten memebers and to add insult to injury they can have a UA to boost their size to twelve! All that for 10pts, an investment for sure, but one well spent. Lets look at the unit.


Todays RollThe Organ Gun rolls a 4 on the art dice, and decides to reroll the result and misfires......good old Psst result! This kind of incident happens now and again against my good friend Donald, whenever he plays his dwarf army. He goes for the extra attacks and the Organ Gun sometimes just doesn't deliever. But this piece of death should not be underestimated, because its still one of the best weapons in the game and can deny entire sections of the table. Needless to say I got lucky.

Stormvermin!!Ok so I've finally caved in and bought the beautiful Skaven Stormvermin box. Now it costs $60 Can, which ranks it up there with Goldswords, which are $50, but at least I get 20 guys instead of ten. Heres some random pictures enjoy!

Did you Know about: Forward Kommander?

Todays Roll6+....Magic resistance has been dramtically changed from 7th edition warhammer fantasy. Instead of granting the unit 1-3 extra dispel dice against spells that specifically target the unit, it now provides a ward save against spells that target the unit. If you have no ward save already it gives your unit a simple 6+ ward, but where this ability really shines is on units that have a ward save already, making them very resilient against magic attacks. For example giving a unit of high elve phoenix guard magic resistance 2, makes them have a 2+(4+ ward) against spell damage. Not bad for some of those really nasty spells that go for large damage output. I'm still thinking about how to utilize this in my empire army, but I wondering if its even worth it? What are your thoughts? Is this something you'd incorp into your current armies or is it a real big waste in points?


Did you know About: Forward Kommander? Its a free army(COPY RIGHT)..... organizer, :) . Some friends of mine from Calgary, showed me this site and I have to say I'm really really impressed. Basically it works on a simple point and click basis that is very fluid and straight forward to use. You can pick your army list for any point game and ANY faction in Warmachine or Hordes. Now your asking: "Why would I need an army builder for warmachine? I can do simple math its common sense". Sure the math is easy, but thats exactly why forward commander is so nice, because I don't want to bother with the math, I want to see what my options are, what kinds of units will fit in my army build or what units can fit in my tier. The next part about Forward Kommander that is really cool is that they are constantly upgrading and reviewing armies and factions. Within a day of the release of the new Character warjacks the site was updated to include them into the program.

Overall I was generally pleased with Foward Kommander and it was nice to simply throw a list together and play against a friend on vassal. Check them out and see for yourself

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